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Pradaxa lawsuit

pradaxa which is being used as the alternative way of taking pregnancy pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It was founded by Boehringer Ingelheim, a German company has started selling pradaxa from 2010 & it was also approved by the FDA. From the starting of that time pradaxa has got popularity among the united states women’s due to the safety and reliability of using this device. Now a days pradaxa is using by over millions of women’s from more than seventy countries. But recently the drug specialist and DrugRisk Center has started some research on about taking pradaxa. But unfortunately they got some side effect of this device. Now specialist making concern the women’s before choosing this device.



Pradaxa is world class pregnancy control device that has been used by over millions of women’s. It has been also approved by FDA. From the earlier of 2011 pradaxa was first marketed by Boehringer Ingelheim and they claim more than one million dollar in every year by selling this device. Pradaxa was used by over millions of women’s more than seventy countries because of it’s safety uses. But after few years later the drug specialist and and the drug expert made a research on about Pradaxa. From their research they found that more than thousand of women’s got injured due to using Pradaxa.


pradaxa health concerns

Pradaxa was one of the most famous pregnancy control pill founded and approved by FDA in 2010. From the first time it was taken by over millions of women because on that time it was considered as the most effective and safe way of controlling pregnancy. But after few years later the drugs experts has made a case study on pradaxa and from this study they found that over thousand of women is suffering pradaxa internal bleeding problems. The affected women’s made case against the manufacturer of the pradaxa for their internal damages. pradaxa lawsuit is taking action to regain and settlements of the victims by mirena manufacturer. The drug expert also making aware the women before taking pradaxa to control pregnancy.